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DAS Directives

Human Resources
HR-D-01 Organizational Charts
formerly 08-02

HR-D-02 Nepotism Policy
formerly 08-09

HR-D-03 Advance Step Appointments
formerly 08-05

HR-D-04 Workplace Violence Prevention Policy
formerly 08-26

HR-D-05 Unauthorized Weapon Policy
formerly 08-33

HR-D-06 Overtime Compensation
formerly 08-07

HR-D-07 Compensation for Employee Travel and Training
formerly 08-24

HR-D-08 Compensatory Time
formerly 08-06

HR-D-09 Parity for Exempt Employees
formerly 08-11

HR-D-10 Administrative Leave with Pay
formerly 08-08

HR-D-11 Public Safety Emergency Procedures
formerly 08-03

HR-D-12 Resignation
formerly 08-12

HR-D-13 Independent Contractor Guidelines
formerly 08-10

HR-D-14 Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment
formerly 08-04

HR-D-15 Workforce Planning
New Directive

HR-D-16 Nursing Mothers
New Directive

HR-33 Employee Development Funds for Exempt Employees
New Directive

HR-34 Employee Development Funds for the Fraternal Order of Police
New Directive

HR-35 Employee Development Funds for the Ohio State Troopers Association
New Directive

HR-36 Employee Development Funds for the State Council of Professional Educators OEA/NEA

New Directive

HR-37 Employee Development Funds for the Service Employees International Union/District 1199

New Directive

General Services

GS-D-01 State Motor Vehicle Liability Program
formerly 08-13

GS-D-02 Employee's Use of Employer Provided Vehicles
formerly 08-14

GS-D-03 Establishment of Rental Rates for State-Owned Employee Housing Facilities
formerly 08-20

GS-D-04 State Records Management Program
formerly 08-16

GS-D-05 State Property Inventory
formerly 08-27

GS-D-06 Removal of Sensitive Information
formerly 08-31

GS-D-07 Required Use of Domestic Steel
formerly 08-30

GS-D-08 Emergency Energy Conservation
formerly 08-29

GS-D-09 Copier Management
formerly 08-17

GS-D-10 Public Printing
formerly 08-18 and 08-19

GS-D-11 Utilization of State Office Space
formerly 08-32

GS-D-12 Purchasing Policies and Procedures
formerly 09-21

GS-D-13 Policies and Procedures for the Office of the State Architect
formerly 08-22

GS-D-14 Specification Standards
New Directive

Information Technology
ITP-E.8 Internet, Electronic Mail and Online Services Use and Abuse
formerly 08-25

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Statewide Human Resources Policies
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