The Combined Charitable Campaign, also referred to as the CCC, consolidates many charitable campaigns into one, asking State of Ohio employees to voluntarily donate through payroll deductions or a one-time gift. 

Colleagues, the State of Ohio Combined Charitable Campaign (CCC) Steering Committee seeks your input. The State Steering Committee is collecting testimonial stories from donors and recipients that show the powerful impact the campaign has on our community, family members and peers. 

If you’re interested in sharing your personal experience with a charitable organization within the CCC, or that of a loved one, please follow these steps: 

  • Share your story in 75 words or less. 
  • Please include:
    • How a charity affected you or someone you know;
    • Why you donate to the Combined Charitable Campaign; and
    • The value that a charitable organization provides to the community.

Your story may be included in the campaign resource guide, on our website or in campaign email communications. 

Please complete the Testimonial form, save it and email it to the Ohio Department of Administrative Services Office of Communications at no later than Friday, April 13.

Thank you for your support of the CCC. 

Thank you for your interest in the State of Ohio Combined Charitable Campaign. The 2018 Application timeframe is now closed.

Application Checklist
Application requirements
25-Word Description instructions
IRS 990 
Policies and Procedures

Charities interested in becoming part of the State of Ohio Combined Charitable Campaign must join a participating member Federation. Click here to view the Federation Contact List.


Thanks to the generosity of State of Ohio employees more than 1,200 participating charities in the CCC benefited from employee contributions.

Click here to view a breakdown of contributions by agency.

Rhodes State Office Tower Lobby, Columbus 
Wednesday, Aug. 30

Please click the following links to view the campaign kick off videos.

Ohio State School for the Blind Marching Band

Honorary Chair Jim Tressel Remarks

Campaign Kick Off Noon Presentation

Lausche Building, 2nd Floor, Cleveland
Thursday, Aug. 31

Cleveland Campaign Kick Off Noon Presentation 

The Combined Charitable Campaign (CCC) State Steering Committee is pleased to announce that Jim Tressel, former head football coach at The Ohio State University and current president of Youngstown State University will be the honorary chair of the 2017 CCC.

One of the CCC’s donor recognition items, an exclusive State of Ohio license plate bowl, was crafted through a unique partnership between the Ohio Department of Public Safety and the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. The State of Ohio CCC Steering Committee worked with Public Safety employees to design and print license plates embossed with the CCC logo and then sent them to ODRC so that inmates could cut and bend them into a square bowl that can hold candy or office supplies while displaying an employee’s State of Ohio pride. These special bowls are only available to CCC donors, who donate $5-$19 per pay period or make a one-time donation of $130-$519.99.


Agency CCC Coordinator Roster


Campaign Coordinating Organization

Donors who have any questions about pledges (amount, designations, receipts, etc.), participating charitable organizations or campaign policies and procedures should contact the Campaign Coordinating Organization:

State of Ohio Combined Charitable Campaign
360 S. Third Street
Columbus, OH 43215
1-800-279-9714 x1

Deana Gordon
Director, Public Sector
Combined Charitable Campaigns
360 S. Third Street, Columbus, OH 43215-5485 
(O) 614-227-2751 / (F) 614-224-5835 

Jeanene Tooill
Campaign Associate
State of Ohio Combined Charitable Campaign
360 S. Third St., Columbus, OH  43215-5485
(O) 614-227-8718 / (F) 614-241-3064 / Toll-free: 1-800-279-9714 x1

Campaign Liaisons


Campaign Liaison Agency Assignments


Participating Federation Listing



Employee Testimonials

This year, employees were given an opportunity to share why they contribute to the Combined Charitable Campaign (CCC). Look for employee testimonials to learn why donating through the CCC is important to your colleagues. Testimonials are featured in weekly campaign emails and in the charity resource guide. The CCC State Steering Committee would like to thank the state employees who contributed personal testimonials to this year’s campaign.

Public Service Announcements


State Leadership Donors


Thank you for your interest in the State of Ohio Combined Charitable Campaign (CCC). The campaign coordinating organization welcomes the opportunity to expand its charity listing with new charitable organizations and looks forward to continue working with returning charities. 

A few of the basic requirements for participation in the CCC include: 

• Organization must be a member of one of the federations that participate in the campaign,
• Organization must be a 501(c)3 charity, and
• Charity must be registered with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

If your charity is already a member of one of the participating federations and meets the qualifications above, please communicate with your federation representative about the application process, who will help you prepare and submit the required paperwork. 

If you are not currently a member of one of the participating federations, you can find a list of the participating federations here. You will need to work with one of these federations to become a member and be eligible to participate in the campaign.  Each federation has their own membership criteria and deadlines for accepting new members. It may be too late for the 2018 campaign, but it is not too late to begin the process for becoming eligible for the 2019 campaign. 

If you have questions about the application process, please contact the Campaign Coordinating Organization at: or 614-227-8718.

Thank you.

CCC Donations Exceed $2.7 Million

The Final Statewide Campaign Total is $2,791,471,00