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State of Ohio IT Standards

OIT is responsible for the development and promulgation of the statewide information technology standards established by the state chief information officer. State IT standards are developed to:

  •  Reduce costs
  •  Improve business functionality
  •  Promote best practices
  •  Foster sound stewardship of public assets
  •  Assist in the protection of public assets and information

The Enterprise Technical Architecture Subcommittee of the Multi-Agency CIO Advisory Council guides standards development by prioritizing needs for particular standards and appointing work groups to research and recommend enterprise standards.

Network Standards — NET Series

NOTICE: Due to Ohio’s IT Optimization efforts and the One Network initiative, all of the network standards and associated attachments listed below will be rescinded by the end of fiscal year 2015. Please direct any questions to State IT Standards Manager at DAS.State.IT.Standards.Manager@das.ohio.gov. Additional details regarding Ohio’s Networking Service are available within the State of Ohio IT Service Catalog.


ITS-NET-01  802.11 Wireless Local Area Network Standard (.pdf)

ITS-NET-02  LAN/WAN Access and Distribution Layer Switches (.pdf)

                    •  ITS-NET-02-A  LAN/WAN Switch Configurations (.pdf)

ITS-NET-03  LAN/WAN Routers (.pdf)

                    •  ITS-NET-03-A  LAN/WAN Router Configurations (.pdf)

ITS-NET-04  LAN/WAN Small Office Firewall (.pdf)

                    •  ITS-NET-04-A  LAN/WAN Small Office Firewall Configuration (.pdf)

ITS-NET-05  Wireless Access Points and Controllers (.pdf)

                    •  ITS-NET-05-A  Wireless Access Points and Controllers (.pdf)

Platform Standards — PLF Series

ITS-PLF-01  Enterprise Client Computer Hardware Standard (.pdf)

ITS-PLF-01-A  Standard Business Class Desktop (.pdf)
                    •   ITS-PLF-01-B  Specialty Use Class Desktop (.pdf)
ITS-PLF-01-C  Standard Mobile Notebook (.pdf)
ITS-PLF-01-D  Specialty Use Class Notebook (.pdf)
ITS-PLF-01-E  Standard Convertible Tablet Notebook (.pdf)
ITS-PLF-01-F  Standard Ultrabook Notebook (.pdf)
                    •   ITS-PLF-01-G  Windows Pro Slate (.pdf)
  Standard LCD Specifications (.pdf)

ITS-PLF-02  Enterprise x86 Server Hardware for Virtual Server Hosts (.pdf) Rescinded

ITS-PLF-03  Printer Total Cost of Ownership (.pdf) Rescinded

Security Standards — SEC Series

ITS-SEC-01  Data Encryption and Cryptography (.pdf)

ITS-SEC-02  Enterprise Security Controls Framework (.pdf)

Systems Management Standards — SYS Series

ITS-SYS-01  Bar Code Standards for Automated Inventory Systems Used by State of Ohio Government Agencies (.pdf)


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