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State of Ohio IT Service Catalog


The Office of Information Technology (OIT) delivers information technology (IT) and telecommunication services to the State of Ohio agencies, boards and commissions. OIT is responsible for operating and maintaining IT and telecommunication hardware devices, as well as the related software. OIT service offerings allow State agencies, boards and commissions to use technology for information processing, sharing and storing.


The Office of Information Technology strives to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Ohio government by providing statewide leadership, oversight, products and services for activities related to information technology.


To be recognized as a leader for optimizing Ohio s investment in information technology through collaboration, policy, strategic planning, as well as product and service development and delivery.


  • Deliver more effective and efficient government by optimizing the return on information technology investment, finding and delivering on opportunities for technology enhanced business processes, leading appropriate consolidation and unification of technology solutions, and fostering the creation of collaborative applications across agencies.
  • Be the provider of choice for Ohio governmental information technology by identifying, procuring, providing and supporting (where appropriate) reliable, secure, optimally performing products, services and infrastructure that encourage the use of common technology.
  • Build a customer responsive organization that inspires confidence, is helpful, and actively collaborates to find enterprisewide solutions while providing leadership in IT.
  • Strengthen the OIT organization by successfully collaborating with central service agencies; developing leaders and strengthening our technical skills; improving procurement, customer relationship management and strategic planning processes; and building a first class service support organization.

Guiding Principles

  • Customers - We understand our customers' requirements and meet their needs responsively and responsibly. We provide world class service. We carefully balance the roles of enabler and enforcer and make our actions/decisions transparent and understandable.
  • Stewardship - We serve the citizens of Ohio and responsibly steward the resources and funds entrusted to us for their benefit.
  • Performance - We set goals, achieve results and rigorously measure our contributions. We innovate wisely, take risks courageously, learn from our mistakes, and leverage our successes.
  • Collaboration - We constantly work in teams, treat one another with respect, engage in open dialogue and debate, and treat organizational silos with irreverence.
  • Workforce - We have the necessary tools we need to do our jobs, the skills and knowledge we need to meet future challenges, and the support and guidance we need to be successful.

Service Platforms

OIT offers three (3) platforms of services: Hosted Applications, Middleware and Infrastructure. Connectivity services bring it all together, providing the strong foundation upon which the other services are built.

  • Connectivity - OIT envisions a connected State government: connecting employees to information, connecting State entities to stakeholders and customers, as well as connecting the systems that make State government run. OIT service platforms are built upon connectivity. OIT provides the central computer network and voice services to state and local government.
  • Infrastructure - OIT knows that incorporating all of your IT systems, software, and equipment streamlines your organization s IT operations and creates efficiency.
  • Middleware - OIT believes integration is essential to any IT operations. Middleware, a key component of integration, routes data and information transparently between different back-end data sources and end-user applications. OIT provides a variety of middleware platforms to connect software components to customer applications.
  • Hosted Applications - OIT understands that many organizations are faced with limited capital, rapid developments in technology, continuous increases in business demands and the need for secure, efficient data management, which are causing them to turn to hosted application solutions. Hosted Applications provide a new way to get business software and applications at a predictable cost, without significant up-front investment. OIT provides hosted application platforms. This includes, electronic mail, collaboration sites, geographic information systems/spatial technology, timekeeping and shared web hosting.

Service Delivery

Over the years, OIT has implemented several initiatives to enhance the State's fiscal prudence while ensuring continuity of services and improved quality of life for Ohioans. Many OIT service offerings provide an opportunity for increased effectiveness and efficiency of State operations. As a provider of IT services, OIT utilizes a service delivery model. This process is customer-centric, as it allows for customer collaboration throughout all service fulfillment activities. OIT is strongly committed to continuous interaction with our customers in an effort to provide high quality service outcomes.

Service Delivery Process

A well-designed IT service delivery process is critical to achieving success with service outcomes and IT operations. Our effective and comprehensive service delivery process helps customers improve the business value of their IT investments.

  • Consultation - During this phase of the process, OIT service staff solicits information from the customer to identify the customer's business and IT needs.
  • Business Analysis - After all information is gathered, OIT service staff will analyze the information and provide recommendations for solutions that best address the customer's needs.
  • Solution Selection - In consultation with the customer, OIT service staff select the solution and implementation approach that best meets the customer's business and IT requirements.
  • Planning - Taking into consideration the customers operational needs, OIT service staff will develop a work plan for implementation of the solution.
  • Implementation - This phase includes the execution of the work plan in order to provide the customer with the selected solution.
  • Support - After service fulfillment is completed, OIT offers support services to resolve any outages or degradation in service that the customer may experience, as well as ongoing maintenance.

Customer Service Center

The Customer Service Center (CSC) is your Point of Contact (POC) for incident resolution. The Customer Service Center facilitates the restoration of normal service operations to minimize business impact to our customers.

The Customer Service Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Through the Customer Service Center, OIT utilizes best practices to record, route, and manage the timely response to all technical support service requests.


This catalog represents a range of service offerings from OIT to help your organization enhance its performance capacity and improve operational efficiency. Explanations of each service are provided and are grouped according to these solution categories: