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Published Date -Thursday, October 30, 2014
Management layer service restart

The OIT vCenter server had some architectural changes occur during our service release last week.  There was a resource allocation change made to the management server, vCenter, that was a little too aggressive and it caused a performance issue.  This was causing a series of services, the Web Client and Inventory service to become intermittently available.  The server has been restarted to enable the operating system on the vCenter server to consume the new resource allocation.  We apologize for the inconvenience and management disruption.


Published Date -Thursday, October 30, 2014
OIT - UPDATE - Management layer service restart
*****UPDATE (Reference ServiceNow Ticket #INC0031198)*****

Today after a change was made to address the Inventory service CPU consumption, the vCenter service (vpxd.exe) crept up to consuming all available RAM and stayed there for over an hour. A BCS support ticket (14548900510) drove to the conclusion that the changes that were made may not have included all that were necessary. A server restart will be done tonight at 6pm to ensure all services are started in the appropriate order.
No agency VM's will be disrupted or impacted by this restart, this is the management layer of our VMware environment.
Published Date -Wednesday, October 29, 2014
OIT - VoIP (Phone) Vendor Maintenance Scheduled on Saturday, November 8th at 11am-11pm
On Saturday, November 8th at 11am-11pm, CBTS will be performing equipment maintenance.  During this time, State of Ohio VoIP phones may temporarily lose connection and need to be rebooted.

If you encounter any phone-related issues during this time, please reboot your phone by unplugging/plugging the cable located in the back of the phone.  If you need further assistance, please work with your local IT staff and/or contact the Customer Service Center for additional support. 
Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer Service Center
(614) 644-6860 or (877) 644-6860

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Please continue to contact the Customer Service Center (CSC) via email (csc@ohio.gov) or at 614.644.6860 for your support needs.  For those of you who prefer self-service you may submit and review your incidents and service requests starting today through the ServiceNow Customer Portal at customer-service.ohio.gov.  Once you reach the ServiceNow Customer Service Portal, please sign on using your State of Ohio UserID and Password.  Select either “Something is Broken” for new service requests/incidents or “Incident Status” to view the current status of submitted incidents. 


Please contact us with comments or questions about your
customer service experience. 

Greg Pennington
CSC Manager
Darlean Cummings
CSC Supervisor
Jeff Sagar
CSC Supervisor

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