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Published Date -Monday, April 27, 2015
OIT - Private Cloud April Service Release
The enterprise server team will be making a few key enhancements to the server portion of the State’s private cloud the week of 4/27/2015.  Those enhancements focus on the three key areas of processes, support tools, and service documentation.

Process improvements
•Enhancements to the automated right sizing thresholds for server storage.  This change is being completed to ensure servers do not run out of disk space causing a disruption to application services.  In addition to P1 alerts, P2 disk alerts will now trigger action.  Please see the Server Team Right Sizing Virtual Machines document for details.
•Automated updates of various server attributes to the enterprise configuration management database (CMDB) to support enhanced business intelligence for incident, problems, and/or changes of server assets.

•Automated x86 hardware provisioning processes will be implemented.  This will allow for rapid server deployment and provisioning of vSphere hosts by leveraging network boot capabilities, Cisco UCS hardware profile management, and host configurations applied within the management layer of the hypervisor.  Please note that this process does not apply to vm guest but only to VMware hosts at this time.
•Additional configuration standards have been added to the private cloud server operating systems.  These standards are leveraged for the private cloud configuration management program to provide improvements to system availability and supportability.
•Proof of concept completed for an enhanced application performance monitoring tool suite for business critical applications.  This tool suite will be leveraged by the support team of DAS shared hosting team.
•Support hours for the private cloud support team has been extended.  There is now onsite server support engineers 7 days per week.  This was done to better support the 24/7 Customer Service Center staff, as well as agency business operations. 

Service Documentation Revisions/Changes
•Revisions have been made to the following service documents, all of which can be found at either the Customer Service Center website or https://serverteam.das.ohio.gov.  Private Cloud Roadmap 2015, Private Cloud Infrastructure Standards, Server Team Right Sizing Virtual Machines document, and Service Sheets

•The definition and acceptance of a hardware roadmap has been completed for the AIX/Unix power platforms.  This roadmap addresses the consolidation, repurposing, and lifecycle refreshes of existing hardware across the enterprise as well as future plans to leverage future metro and disaster recovery sites. 

Support Tools
•Upgrade private cloud hypervisor to a new version - vSphere Enterprise Edition v5.5 Update 1 to vSphere Enterprise Edition v5.5 Update 2d

•Improvements to hypervisor monitoring – Private cloud x86 hypervisor will cease sending email alerts to support team for various alert conditions and will begin automatically creating service tickets via Service Now.

•Deployment of audit/compliance software - vRealize Configuration Manager v5.7.3 will be activated for production use.  This software allows the private cloud support team to ensure the hypervisor meets various required security and regulatory compliance policies set forth by the enterprise.  It also allows the team to better fulfill request for information during agency audits as well as remediate any identified misconfigurations using the private cloud change managed processes. 

•Deployment of additional workflow orchestration software - vRealize Orchestrator v6.0 will be activated for production use.  This software will enable support teams to simplify the automation of various service delivery and operational tasks. 

•New hardware platform deployed – Cisco UCS hardware has been deployed to bolster portions of the State's private cloud.  Cisco UCS Central will be added to the standards private cloud support suite of tools for hardware management and monitoring. 

Communication Plan:
Repeated communication will occur on 4/30/2015.
Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer Service Center
(614) 644-6860 or (877) 644-6860

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Please continue to contact the Customer Service Center (CSC) via email (csc@ohio.gov) or at 614.644.6860 for your support needs.  For those of you who prefer self-service you may submit and review your incidents and service requests starting today through the ServiceNow Customer Portal at customer-service.ohio.gov.  Once you reach the ServiceNow Customer Service Portal, please sign on using your State of Ohio UserID and Password.  Select either “Something is Broken” for new service requests/incidents or “Incident Status” to view the current status of submitted incidents. 


Please contact us with comments or questions about your
customer service experience. 

Greg Pennington
CSC Manager
Darlean Cummings
CSC Supervisor
Jeff Sagar
CSC Supervisor

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