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This unit administers the state’s annual personnel evaluations, the appeals process for classified employees, consults with agencies on issues involving performance management, trains managers and supervisors in goals writing, measurement and effective monitoring techniques.
The ultimate purpose of the Ohio Performance Evaluation Process is to improve the effectiveness and productivity of state government. Meeting this commitment requires that each state employee and manager perform his or her job as capably as possible.

Performance review is utilized by managers and supervisors to:

  • Work toward attainment of the agency/division mission, goals, and objectives
  • Inform the employee of strengths, weaknesses, and progress
  • Improve performance and productivity
  • Strengthen work relationships and improve communication
  • Develop employee skills
  • Recognize accomplishments and good work 

Utilizing ePerformance will assist managers and supervisors in the planning, monitoring, evaluation, and development of employee performance. Use of this online tool will allow employees to easily access their performance evaulations, thus enabling employees to clearly understand their job duties and performance expectations and how they fit in to the overall purpose, vision, and goals of the agency and their respective division.

It is the responsibility of every manager and supervisor to honestly evaluate the work performance of his/her employee at least once a year. Performance evaluation is not only a management right; it is a management duty (OAC 123:1-29-01, 123:1-29-02, and 123:1-29-03).

Because the State of Ohio recognizes that this managerial function is critical to our success, a manager or supervisor who fails to complete the performance evaluation process for each of his direct reports will be rated accordingly on his own performance evaluation.

Periodic training is provided by the Department of Administrative Services, Human Resources Division, to assist managers and supervisors in evaluating bargaining unit members and/or exempt employees.

 Effective implementation of ePerformance is in the best interests of:

  1. Workers for state government, who want to know how they are doing and how they can improve and earn step increases;
  2. Management, to clarify goals that can be achieved and reward good performance; and
  3. The citizens of Ohio, who rightfully expect efficiency in governmental operations.

 The Performance Review Forms

Performance Review Forms can be found on the HRD Downloadable Forms page under the "Talent Management Forms" header.
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