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Ohio Certified Public Manager Program - OCPM

PURPOSE: To develop public sector leaders into innovative, strategic thinkers who are able to build and maintain high performing organizations through enhanced leadership, communication and problem solving skills and a better working knowledge of government.



Thank you for your interest in the Ohio Certified Public Manager (OCPM) program. No applications are being accepted at this time. Please check our website for updates and information or if you would like to be placed on a waiting list, please send the request to: Mary.Cornwell@das.ohio.gov.

The model below are the OCPM competencies. 


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Mary Cornwell



General Contact

Voice: 614-387-6183
Ohio Toll-Free Voice: 888-577-6276

Email: das.hrd.training.staff@das.ohio.gov



Employee Development Fund

Voice: 614-466-8857
Ohio Toll-Free Voice: 800-409-1205
Email: edfund@das.ohio.gov