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Ohio Certified Public Manager Program - OCPM




  ****** Attention Please: There will not be a  March 2015 Cohort *******


PURPOSE: To develop public sector leaders into innovative, strategic thinkers who are able to build and maintain high performing organizations through enhanced leadership, communication and problem solving skills and a better working knowledge of government.
PROCESS: Upon approval of your application, you will join with a group of management peers (cohort) in a highly engaged environment to learn and apply the knowledge and skills found in the competency model below. 
Pre-work, guided reading and other home work assignments; in-class critical thinking and practical application activities and the completion of a group project with an organizational impact are all aspects of the OCPM learning experience.
PAY-OFF: Upon successful completion of this nationally accredited program, you will have the expertise and competency to maximize personal and organizational performance. Graduates of OCPM receive the official designation of Certified Public Manager® (CPM), a credential that exemplifies recognized standards for excellence in public management and leadership. 
To view projects created in the OCPM program, click on the link OLPD Program Projects located under Quick Links.




Mary Cornwell

Voice: 614-9950154

Email: Mary.Cornwell@das.ohio.gov


 Certified Public Manager® Competencies 

Click the model below to view the OCPM competencies.  Click here to view the OCPM_Course Descriptions

OCPM Competencies


Who Should Attend

A high level of commitment is required to withstand the rigors of the OCPM program in conjunction with normal job expectations.
Candidates should meet the following requirements: 
  • Be exempt from bargaining units.
  • Have at least one direct report. (Exceptions are made on a case-by- case basis for exempt employees who manage major projects or programs or have a high level of influence on policy.)
  • Participation is voluntary and dependent on approval by the candidate’s government agency.
  • Be from an eligible government agency (municipal, county, township, federal, special district, state and regional governments.)
  • Commit to completing the entire program over the scheduled 20-month timeframe.
  • Complete the required application and receive the endorsements of her/his immediate supervisor or division/office chief AND the agency director or designee.

If you have questions regarding your eligibility for the OCPM Program, please call 614.644.0956

Click here to download the application for the OCPM Program. You may complete the application electronically and either print and forward it to the Office of Learning & Professional Development OR email the completed application package to Tamara.Henderson@das.ohio.gov.

OCPM Application Instructions  

A.    Secure approval through your agency from your immediate supervisor and agency/organization director.
B.    Submit the following application documents in one package:
1)     Complete the training application including your signature in the agreement section if you are using the Exempt Professional Development program funds for state employees of Ohio.
2)     Provide two qualified endorsements from your immediate supervisor and agency director or their director’s designee. The designee must  copy the agency director on their letter. Acceptable letters of endorsement will include:
a.         Why the employee is a good candidate.
b.        How the employee has demonstrated the ability to withstand the rigors of the program.
c.         Indicates the leader understands the OCPM Attendance Policy and willingness to support the time commitment for the applicant to successfully complete program. The leader also supports the same commitment on the part of the applicant’s supervisor for completing pre- and post-assessments throughout the program.

3)     Submit a well-written essay of why you are interested in OCPM, your commitment to completing the entire program and how you and your agency will benefit from your participation. Approximately 200 words, double spaced.

4)     Submit an organizational chart clearly depicting your role.

5)     Submit a detailed resume of your current and past employment experiences.
Applications are evaluated approximately 60 days before the start date of a new cohort. All efforts are made to notify applicants of acceptance no later than 30 days prior to the first class date.