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Exempt Employee Life Insurance Benefits

About Exempt Basic Life Insurance
About Exempt Supplemental Life Insurance
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Enrollment and Eligibility Accordion

At Open Enrollment Without Evidence of Insurability

If you are purchasing supplemental life for the first time, you may buy up to two times your annualized rate of pay or $150,000, whichever is less. If you are currently enrolled, during open enrollment you may increase your coverage in $10,000 increments up to two times your annualized rate of pay or $150,000, whichever is less.

At Open Enrollment With Evidence of Insurability

During open enrollment, you may buy up to eight times your annualized rate of pay or $600,000, whichever is less, with evidence of insurability.

At Hire or When Promoted to an Exempt Employee

As a new exempt employee or when promoted from a bargaining unit employee to an exempt employee, you have 90 days from your hire or promotion date to purchase coverage up to three times your annualized rate of pay or $500,000, whichever is less, without evidence of insurability; however, with evidence of insurability you may purchase up to eight times your annualized rate of pay or $600,000, whichever is less. If you apply for more than the allowable amount of coverage (an amount that requires you to submit evidence of insurability), you will initially be approved for the maximum allowable amount that can be purchased without evidence of insurability. 

For Your Dependents

To elect supplemental life insurance for your dependents, you must be covered under or enrolled in supplemental life insurance for yourself. You can purchase supplemental life insurance for your spouse and children:

  • At open enrollment; or
  • Within 90 days of hire; or
  • Within 31 days of acquiring a new dependent.

The effective date of your supplemental coverage will vary depending on when your enrollment is processed by Minnesota Life.

Supplemental life insurance provides up to $40,000 coverage for your spouse; $10,000 is available without evidence of insurability. If you apply for $20,000, $30,000 or $40,000 in coverage for your spouse, Minnesota Life will mail you a medical questionnaire that must be completed and returned to them.

Supplemental life insurance in the amount of $7,000 for each child from birth until age 26 is available for a single monthly premium of 82 cents.

Cancelling or Reducing Coverage

You may cancel or reduce your supplemental life coverage at any time by submitting a written request to Minnesota Life. Coverage will be cancelled or reduced effective the first of the month after which your request is received and processed by Minnesota Life.

Consider the following important points when choosing to cancel or reduce your supplemental life coverage:

  • Once coverage is reduced or cancelled, you may not enroll again until the next open enrollment period unless you experience a qualifying life event;
  • Once coverage is cancelled or reduced for either yourself and/or your dependents, evidence of insurability will be required for any future enrollment for supplemental life coverage, including during open enrollment and qualifying life events. You may be required to submit medical documentation and your coverage election may be approved or rejected by Minnesota Life based upon medical underwriting results.