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As a state of Ohio employee, you are eligible to apply for disability leave benefits. These medical benefits provide financial and emotional assistance to you and your family in the event that you are unable to perform the duties of your position due to a non-work-related disabling illness, injury or condition for a period of more than 14* consecutive calendar days.

*Contract exceptions for length of waiting period - Attorney General, FOP 46 and FOP 48 - please refer to your contract.

The disability leave program is governed by the Ohio Revised Code, Ohio Administrative Code and, for bargaining unit employees, their bargaining unit contract.

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About Disability Leave
General Contact

Department of Administrative Services
30 East Broad Street, 27th Floor
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614-466-8857 Local
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Appeal Process - Hearings

At a Chapter 119 hearing:  

  • You may be represented by an attorney or by yourself;
  • You may present evidence and examine witnesses; and
  • The employee and the state will have the opportunity to testify before the hearing officer.

After the hearing:

  • The hearing officer will issue a report and recommendation based on the results of the hearing;
  • All parties will have 10 calendar days to file objections;
  • The director of the Department of Administrative Services will review the recommendation and objections, if any, and issue an Adjudication Order to all parties;
  • If you disagree with the director’s order, you will have 15 calendar days to appeal to the Court of Common Pleas; and
  • If the denial of benefits is upheld, the employing agency will be notified to initiate all necessary steps to recover disability leave benefits or insurance premiums paid on the employee’s behalf.