Position Audits

This web page was created to provide a brief overview of the position audit process. To begin, the employee or agency appointing authority must request a Job Audit Questionnaire (JAQ) from the Compensation and Workforce Planning Group. The employee will be e-mailed the JAQ and upon receipt will have thirty days to complete the form and forward to their supervisor. The employee's supervisor will have 15 days to review the duties & complete their portion of the JAQ and return to the employee. The employee has 5 additional days to review the supervisor's comments, rebut if applicable and return to the Compensation and Workforce Planning Unit. Once the JAQ has been received, the audit will be assigned to an analyst to review. Once the analyst has completed the audit the employee and Agency will be notified of the findings.

If you would like more information about classification specifications please visit the Classification Specifications for more information.

Official position descriptions for State of Ohio employees are maintained in the Department of Administrative Services and can be obtained from the Employee Records Unit.

Position Audit Request

  • Only an employee or an agency appointing authority may request a job audit for a classified, exempt State of Ohio position that is not currently on probation.
  • A Position Audit Request Form (Microsoft Word form) must be completed and returned to the Classification and Compensation Group either by email to compensation@das.ohio.gov or regular mail to 30 East Broad Street, 27th Floor. It is important to accurately complete this form in its entirety.

  • Employee Job Audit Request Form

    Agency Job Audit Request Form 
  • Once received and verified that the job audit request is for an exempt classified employee, a Job Audit Questionnaire (JAQ) will be emailed to the employee.
  • The employee then has thirty days to complete part I of the JAQ in its entirety and forward it to their supervisor.
  • After the supervisor receives the packet from the employee, no later that the 30th day after the JAQ is received by employee from DAS, there is a 15 day review period. Once the supervisor has received, reviewed and completed the JAQ packet, it will be returned to the employee for rebuttal.
  • When the employee receives the JAQ from the supervisor, they have 5 days to rebut the supervisor's response(s) and forward to the Compensation and Workforce Planning Group.
  • Once JAQ have been submitted, the JAQ and attachments will be assigned to an Analyst who will then review the forms and contact the employee and Agency for additional information. The Analysts' finding's, which will be typed in a report, will be reviewed by the group's manager for approval.
  • The employee and appointing authority will be notified of the findings.

Union Employees

The Department of Administrative Services cannot conduct audits of positions in the bargaining unit. Any bargaining unit employee who feels that they are misclassified should refer to their Union Representative.

Findings, Recommendations and Appeal

Findings of the position audit will be forwarded to the employee and the Appointing Authority of the employee's agency and a true copy of the recommendation will be sent to the Agency Representative. The results of the position audit may be one of the following:
  • Upgrade in classification and pay range
  • Downgrade in classification and pay range
  • Lateral - classification change no pay change
  • No Change

For the reassignment procedure select the link below:

Job Audit Reassignment Procedures - September 25, 2008

As a result of legislative changes included in 124.14(A) of the Ohio Revised Code, positions can be placed in the proper classification when a job audit is performed, even when the new classification has a lower pay range. The employee can also be placed in Step "X" when the pay exceeds the maximum rate of pay in the appropriate pay range. These employees will receive no pay increase until the rate of pay in the new pay range catches up to the employee's rate of pay.

If the employee or Appointing Authority does not agree with the job audit decision an appeal may be filed in writing to the State Personnel Board of Review (SPBR), 65 East State Street, 12th Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215-4213, within thirty days of receipt of the final decision. For more information about SPBR please visit their Web site.

When position audits will not be performed

Union Employees

Position audits will not be performed on positions that are vacant or while the incumbent is assigned in a temporary work level, on a leave of absence, serving a probationary period, or is receiving disability leave benefits.

Position audits of incumbents who are subject to layoff or displacement will not be processed if the position is classified in a classification that is designated for calculation of retention points for purposes of a layoff or position abolishment under the provisions of Chapter 123:1-41 of the Administrative Code. The date the lists of classifications are submitted to the director for verification of retention points shall be the date the requests for position audits are suspended

The Department of Administrative Services shall not conduct audits of positions at state-supported colleges or universities. Employees of state-supported colleges or universities shall submit requests for position audits in accordance with the policies and procedures of their respective institutions.

Requests for audits of a position, from either the incumbent or the appointing authority, may not be submitted more often than once a year. An employee may request only one audit of his or her position per year unless the employee provides, at the time of the request, documentation showing that the duties of his position have been substantially changed since the date of the completion of the previous audit. The "one-year period" will be defined as one calendar year from the date of the original request for the most recent position audit.