IT Classification Project

After months of reviewing feedback from subject matter experts, a focus group, HR Administrators, CIO's, the OCSEA IT subcommittee, and those who replied to the on-line open comment period, the joint labor management committee has agreed to a final product regarding the IT Classification Project. Both DAS and OCSEA have agreed to the creation of six (6) new IT classification series with 18 classification titles.

Having concluded negotiations, contract changes can be found to Articles 36.05(b), 18, and agreements were signed regarding Article 17 and a new position description agreement for the IT sector of the state workforce. Please review the contract language under the Transition Toolkit to the right or visit:

                   OCB - OCSEA Contract  or (OCSEA)

A phased implementation, agency-by-agency, is underway. The agency transition request form is available to the left. Please keep in mind the following before requesting transition:

  • Transition timeline is an aggressive 109 days
  • Requires joint labor management approach to include CIO, HR, Labor relations, Union representatives.
  • Requires lead time for OCSEA to assign agency members
  • Consider project & staff resources (Holidays, CSD, etc.)

Check the calendars to the right to see who has been scheduled to transition.

Additionally, a transition toolkit has been developed for agencies to include transition guidelines, letter templates, a communications piece, duty identification tools, etc.

Please see the Transition Toolkit to explore.