OEAP Training and Education Program

The OEAP offers training and education programs to state employees, agencies and institutions, at no cost.

In-service training requires a minimum attendance of 15 employees.

You can review the OEAP courses, which are listed in the Office of Talent Management's Learning & Professional Development Training Catalog and the Optum Training Catalog.

Visit the Learning and Professional Development web page to view the current training catalog and learn more.

Optum Training Catalog 2017

To request an in-service training for either OEAP or Optum courses, complete the Training Request Form and follow the process below.

  • Training events require an advance notice of 10 business days and a minimum of 15 participants.
  • Send the completed request to OEAP via fax: 1-614-728-3046 or email to DAS.HRD.Training.Staff@das.ohio.gov.
  • An OEAP Consultant will make contact within 48 hours from receipt of the request form.
  • Indicate the name of the contact person who can make all of the required decisions regarding the training or event.   

For questions, contact OEAP at 1-800-221-6327 or 1-614-644-8545.