Organizational Transitional Services

Today many agencies are challenged by restructuring or other organizational transitions and development. OEAP provides assistance to management and employees during times of change.
Also, employees who may be faced with losing their jobs because of workforce reductions are the most vulnerable populations to experience stress-related problems while still on the job and/or even after being displaced. Employees who remain in the workplace after workforce reductions or restructuring may also experience problems related to guilt, job security and anger. When left unresolved, these feelings may trigger:
  • Loss of loyalty

  • Higher turnover

  • Lower productivity

  • Decreased morale

  • Decline in performance

The OEAP offers support and education in an effort to address the concerns of both management and employees. To help managers and supervisors to improve the organizational health, wellness and productivity of the organization, the following are areas for which OEAP can provide training and education:
  • Organization Change

  • Restructuring and Reorganization Groups

  • Supervisor Consultation

  • Stress Management

  • Team Building

  • Workplace Loss or Crisis

  • Workplace Violence

If you are wondering how to keep your work group functioning well during times of change or transition, please call OEAP for assistance.