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MBE/EDGE Certification

Welcome to the Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)/Encouraging Diversity, Growth and Equity (EDGE) Unit. The Unit has the responsibility for implementing the State of Ohio's minority business set-aside program. This includes certifying minority businesses thereby making them eligible to participate in the state's set aside program, as well as assisting state agencies with the selection of set aside contracts, maintaining a list of certified minority business enterprises, monitoring program compliance, and conducting research and reporting. Additionally, the unit implements the EDGE program, which is designed to facilitate access to state government contracts and business services for EDGE certified businesses. The EDGE program establishes goals for state agencies in awarding contracts to certified EDGE businesses. EDGE procurement contracts apply to: goods and services, professional services, information technology services, construction, architecture and engineering.

For questions or concerns, please utilize the staff roster and contact a Contract Officer/Specialist from the list below.  If you need additional assistance, please contact our office at 614-466-8380. 

    MBE and EDGE Requirements
    How to apply for MBE and/or EDGE

    Applying online

    PLEASE NOTE:   All forms must be electronically submitted through the Ohio Business Gateway (OBG).  Please reference the following instructions when filing forms to EOD. If this is your first time logging into OBG, you will need a username and password.  Please click on "New User" to create an account.  If you need assistance logging in or have any questions, please contact our office at 614-466-8380. 

    Helpful Info/Tips:

    • The online application for MBE and/or EDGE is called the "Unified Application" on OBG.  It will not show up in the listing of applications until after you log in and select "Equal Opportunity Division" from the drop-down list of services.
    • EOD will not receive an application unless the "check out" process is completed on the OBG website and the contractor receives a confirmation number.  Please refer to the instructions above for how to properly check out a form on OBG.
    • Although the check out process includes a button that reads "Checkout (Ready to File and Pay))," please note that there is NO FEE required to submit a form to EOD when you click the button.  EOD forms are completely FREE to submit.
    • A confirmation number will be provided if the form is successfully checked out on OBG.
    • EOD will receive an application the following business day.
    • EOD will be unable to process a MBE and/or EDGE application or cross-certification until supporting documentation is received in the office.  The supporting document checklist will be a link on your confirmation receipt.

    Are you eligible for cross-certification?

    Are you currently certified by another regional or municipal small or minority business certification program?  You may qualify for cross certification into either the EDGE or MBE program, depending upon the certification that you hold. Please see below for more details.

    If you are certified by an approved program, please complete a cross certification form via OBG.

    Post-Certification Information

    Certified Business Toolkit

    The Certified Business Toolkit provides you some helpful "tools" to help you maximize your MBE/EDGE certification. Please check back as we continue to provide more assistance to help you and your business succeed!

    Download Certificates


    To view your MBE and/or EDGE certificate, please click on a link below.  Once on the reporting website, select which search you need to perform (either MBE, EDGE, affirmative action, etc.).  Then enter your FTID/FEIN# - without the dash - into the appropriate field and click search.  When your result comes up, select to "view letter."  You can then print your certificate from your browser window.  Please feel free to contact our office at 614-466-8380 should you have any questions or issues.


    Leadership Team

    Todd McGonigle, EEO Program Manager

    Certification Section
    Cathy Armstrong, EEO Contract Officer
    Stacy Cornett, EEO Contract Officer
    Paul Holliman, EEO Contract Specialist
    Madie Hughes, EEO Contract Officer
    Donald Stinson Jr., EEO Contract Officer

    Research and Reporting Section
    Cassandra Sellan, Program Administrator
    Bryan Hairston, Researcher