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Certificate of Compliance



Pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code 9.47, the purpose of the Certificate of Compliance (COC) is to determine if a contractor has complied with all federal and state affirmative action programs to which the contractor was subject pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 153.59.  If the State EEO Coordinator has determined a contractor has violated an affirmative action program, the contractor will be considered ineligible to bid on a state or state assisted contract awarded pursuant to Chapter 153 of the Ohio Revised Code and by an owner referred to in section 153.01 or awarded by the director of transportation (ODOT) pursuant to Chapter 5525. of the Ohio Revised Code for a period of three years.


Applicability: Construction Contractors

No state or state assisted contract shall be entered into unless the bidder posses a valid Certificate of Compliance pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 9.47.


COC Process:

  • EOD will assign an EEO Officer to review application.
  • An email notification will be sent indicating approval or disapproval.
  • All approvals will be available for download once the contractor is in receipt of an approval email notification from EOD.
  • If a COC is disapproved, the contractor will have 30 days to submit required information.
    • If required information is not received within 30 days, the COC will be closed and the contractor must resubmit a new application.
  • All approved COCs are posted on EOD's Web site.

 Helpful Info/Tips:

  • EOD will not receive an application unless the "check out" process is completed on the Ohio Business Gateway (OBG) website and the contractor receives a confirmation number.  Please refer to the instructions below for how to properly check out a form on OBG.
  • Although the check out process includes a button that reads "Checkout (Ready to File and Pay))," please note that there is NO FEE required to submit a form to EOD when you click the button.  EOD forms are completely FREE to submit.
  • A confirmation number will be provided if the form is successfully checked out on OBG.
  • EOD will receive an application for a COC the following business day.

Search for approved Certificate of Compliance


Instructions for submitting applications through OBG  



Contact information for assistance:

For questions or concerns, please contact the contract officer/specialist that has been assigned the alphabet letter that begins with the first letter of your company’s name.



I, T, U, Z
Tim Collins, EEO Program Officer 

L, N, W
Brenda Hodge, EEO Program Officer

E, K, Q
Charles King, EEO Program Officer

A, C, H, M, O, P, S, X
Priscilla Smith, EEO Program Specialist

B, D, F, G, J, R, V, Y
Alonzo Webb, EEO Program Specialist

Pam Osborne, EEO Program Supervisor