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Agency Affirmative Action Plan

Pursuant to Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 123:1-49-04 entitled, Establishment of Affirmative Action Plan, each agency shall establish, maintain, carry out and continually evaluate its affirmative action plan designed to promote equal opportunity in every aspect of recruitment, employment, development, advancement and treatment of employees.  The State EEO Coordinator may issue guidelines that agencies shall use for establishing, implementing and judging an acceptable affirmative action plan as required by OAC Chapter 123:1-49.

Affirmative action plan links include the following documents.

Governing Statutes:


 Templates (coming soon):

  • Agency Affirmative Action Plan
  • Utilization Analysis
  • Areas of Concerns and Corrective Action


Instructions (coming soon):

  • How to complete the Affirmative Action Plan
  • How to complete the Utilization Analysis
  • How to complete the Areas of Concerns and Corrective Action


Additional Information (coming soon):

  • Glossary of Terms