Complaint Mediation

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Equal Opportunity Division Process for Mediating EDGE Complaints
Pursuant to O.R.C 123.152(B)(8), the Equal Opportunity Division (EOD) uses the following process to mediate EDGE complaints.

1.  When a complaint is received, EOD will either start an investigation or notify the contracting agency of the complaint and request that the agency investigate the complaint.

2.  The contracting agency will issue a report detailing its findings and remedial action taken by the agency if appropriate. The report will also include relevant documents.

3.  The agency shall forward the report to EOD within four weeks of being notified of the complaint. If the contracting agency is unable to complete its investigation within four weeks, it may contact EOD to request an extension.

4.  EOD will review the report and determine either: The investigation report and remedial action is sufficient to resolve the complaint. Further investigation by EOD is necessary.

5.  As part of this review, EOD may share the report and remedial action with the complainant and any interested parties.

6.  If further investigation is required, EOD will contact the agency to request the information deemed necessary to complete the investigation. This can include, but is not limited to, the following documents:

  • Contract
  • Declaration of subcontractors
  • Declaration of payments
  • Verification of subcontractors used
  • Verification of payments
  • Copies of payment checks

7.  Upon review of the documents, EOD will issue a Final Complaint Report detailing its findings and recommendations.

8.  EOD will issue the Final Complaint Report to the complainant, State Agency Director, State EEO Coordinator, and any other parties determine necessary.