Business Certification: Cross Certification

The Cross Certification process reduces application time to an average of five business days after submission of required supporting documents. To qualify for cross certification, the applicant must submit a Cross Certification application through the Ohio Business Gateway and a copy of the current certification with one of the entities listed below, which vary by program.

Cross Certification into the Minority Business Enterprise Program

For cross certification into the Minority Business Enterprise program, the Equal Opportunity Division will accept a current certification from any of the following entities:

  • City of Canton MBE Program
  • City of Cincinnati Business Enterprise Program
  • City of Columbus MBE Certification and Verification Program
  • City of Dayton Procurement Enhancement Program (PEP) (MBE portion of the PEP program only)
  • City of Springfield MBE/FBE Program (MBE portion of the MBE/FBE program only)
  • City of Toledo MBE Program
  • Cuyahoga County Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program (MBE portion of the SBE program only)
  • Ohio Turnpike Commission MBE/FBE Program (MBE portion of the MBE/FBE program only)
  • Ohio Minority Supplier Development Council

Please note that in addition to having one of the above listed entity's certification, the business owner and the business must meet all the requirements listed in Ohio Adm. 123:2-15-01 and may be subject to an on-site inspection.

Steps for Cross Certification

  1. Visit Ohio Business Gateway
  2. Log in using username and password
  3. Select "Start a Transaction"
  4. Select "Equal Opportunity Division"
  5. Select "Cross Certification Application" and complete the form
  6. Complete the confirmation and checkout process