Equal Employment Opportunity Web-Based Training

EEO ELM Training

The Equal Opportunity Division, in partnership with the Office of Learning and Professional Development (OLPD), offers an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) training module to all State of Ohio employees. This training offers agencies an opportunity to comply with the Rule 123:1-49-04 of the Ohio Administrative Code and Employee Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Reporting Policy and Procedures Directive No. HR-D-14.

This training includes the following:

  • EEO laws, rules and regulation designed for all employees;
  • EEO protected classes by federal and state laws;
  • Prohibited employment practices, including unlawful harassment and discrimination; and
  • Discrimination complaint process and protection from retaliation.

This course takes approximately 40 minutes and, at its conclusion, includes an assessment that must be completed by the employee. Click here to review a job aid.

D & I Institute

In accordance with Rule 123:1-49-02 of the Ohio Administrative Code, the Equal Opportunity Division provides leadership and guidance to departments and agencies in the conduct of equal employment opportunity programs for the employees and applicants for employment with State of Ohio agencies. In pursuit of this goal, the Division is excited to announce the “D & I Institute,” the next generation of the EEO Academy, will begin in December 2017. The Institute will begin its first educational sessions, or “Mini-Institute," featuring several new courses. Going forward, the Institute will be offered on a quarterly schedule with classes in March, June, September and December 2018.

The mission of the Institute is to provide all equal employment opportunity, diversity and inclusion, and human resources professionals, as well as other managers and employees from the State of Ohio and other governmental entities, with training and resources that will enhance professional skills through engaging and relevant education. Subject-matter experts will present courses designed to be thought-provoking, provide personal and professional growth, and assist in the development of skills necessary to promote the State of Ohio as a diverse, inclusive and equal opportunity employer. Ranging from beginner to advanced, courses will offer opportunities for engaged learning that will allow participants to walk away with knowledge, skills and resources to immediately implement in their work-environment.

Opportunity for accreditation, as well as continuing education credits for a variety of professions, will be included.

D & I Institute updates (location, class schedule, registration, etc.) coming soon.