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ePledge is still available. Donate to the Combined Charitable Campaign today.

There is still time to donate to the Combined Charitable Campaign.

State employees are encouraged to contribute to the 2014 Combined Charitable Campaign electronically through ePledge. Thank you to everyone who has contributed using the new electronic pledging tool, ePledge. If you haven't contributed yet, there is still time. You can make a difference by donating online today.

State of Ohio sanctioned emails were sent to state employees on five occasions (Aug. 27, Sept. 3 and 22, Oct. 9 and 13) from the email address, stateofohiocc@uwcentralohio.org. After employees contributed to the Combined Charitable Campaign through ePledge, they no longer received email notifications. The ePledge site is a legitimate website that has been used for two years as a pilot campaign site. This year, ePledge has been used by agencies statewide.

A button has been added to ePledge to allow you to reset your password if you get locked out of the system. This will help you quickly get online without having to contact the help desk for assistance. The campaign coordinating organization has worked with the help desk to ensure that calls are responded to within 24 hours.
Welcome 2014 Honorary Chair

Archie Griffin, president, The Ohio State University Alumni Association

Archie Griffin, president
The Ohio State University Alumni Association


Statewide Goal Thermometer

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